Important Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking is never healthy and always dangerous for everyone involved. If you are like millions of other people across the globe, you are searching for a way to give up your nicotine habit for good. You may have already tried the other options, but nothing really seems to work. Don’t give up. Electronic cigarettes are a new hope for people like yourself, who genuinely want to give up cigarettes for good. Electronic cigarettes can help you slowly step away from your nicotine dependency and move towards a healthy, clean, smoke-free future. The article below contains some useful information for those people who want to quit smoking.

You might be asking yourself, “What options are really available on the market?”. There are a few other options available for people who want to quit smoking and these products do work for some people. You have nicotine patches and nicotine gums, but there is a simple problem: they both release nicotine slow and steady into the body. When you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine doesn’t “slowly” enter the body, it gets there as you inhale, that simple. This is a problem that previous quit-smoking products simply could not overcome, but now there is a solution. Smoking an electronic cigarette directly reproduces the same effects as smoking a real cigarette, meaning that the nicotine is delivered instantly to the body when you inhale. Of course, there are no other nasty chemicals associated with tobacco inside the e-cig is eliquid which contains only water and nicotine, and flavor if you choose.

That brings rise to another question: excluding the nicotine and chemicals, what else will you find inside an electronic cigarette? Starting from the outside, you have a plastic or metal tube. The smallest of these electronic cigarettes are said to be about the same size and shape of an actual cigarette, but most of them are somewhat larger. Inside the tube is a battery, which powers an LED placed at the end of the tube and a heating element that is at the atomizer. There is also a pressurized switch that flips when you inhale and supplies power from the battery to the other two component. All together, each draw provides a realistic smoking experience with nicotine included, but nothing else.

There is nicotine and the nicotine cartridges are replaceable. They are also available in a variety of strength, including “no nicotine”. Over time, many people aim to slowly lower their nicotine strength until they can finally quit for good. This is the best possible outcome from using an electronic cigarette. You must refill the nicotine cartridges and they last about as long as a normal pack of cigarettes. You can also find the cartridges available in different flavors. For example, people who prefer menthol cigarettes can enjoy menthol electronic cigarettes. There are also flavors like coffee, candy, and chocolate.

The entire experience is customized to fit your preferences, down to the very color of the LED. Using an electronic cigarette, you can quit when you want to quit and on your own terms.